Among Shoe rack, Steel almirah, Desert cooler, E- rickshaw chassis manufacturers in india, Keshav Steel Industries is a well known manufacturer and supplier today, since our establishment in year 1982 our primary focus is always on our quality that makes our product long-lasting. Our specialty is our price control, actually 2 reasons make it possible, first is our intensive market knowledge and our sources for raw material and second is our continuous bulk production, these specialty encourage our buyers for their repeat purchase.

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Our front line products in our catalog are Among Shoe rack, Steel almirah, Desert cooler, E- rickshaw chassis. As a manufacturer of these items we secure a prestigious market position all over India. Since our establishment in year 1982 we are continuously working for client satisfaction to maintain high standards of quality production, meeting challenges in competitive market we set industry milestones, today Keshav Steel Industries is not just a company, this is name of trust, a trust which is attested by our two decade old clientele. We assure our clients price and quality satisfaction both, as Almirahs,  Shoe Racks, E-Rickshaw chassis & Desert cooler manufacturer and supplier based in Bahadurgarh we are committed to deliver a durable product that can fit at your need.